Sarah Palin in pornographic portrait shock, weird woman!<br/>

Sarah Palin in pornographic portrait shock, weird woman!

Sarah Palin is portrayed using hardcore pornography by the artist Jonathan Yeo, the son of a former Conservative minister. Jonathan Yeo’s painting of David Cameron was recently bought for £200,000 by a property tycoon keen to ingratiate himself with the Conservative leader at a party fundraising event. His portrait of Sarah Palin is, however, unlikely to win any such bids from her fans.

The son of Tim Yeo, the former Tory minister, tells Mandrake that he is currently making a picture of the American Republican using cuttings from hardcore pornographic magazines. “I think she’s fair game because it’s the Republicans who are, basically, responsible for ——- up the world,” he claimed at a party in Belgravia, London.

Yeo, who previously made a similarly controversial picture of George W Bush, said the work would go on display as part of an exhibition of his work in Los Angeles this summer. Moore is merrier away from Brown’s tax rises. While Tracey Emin flirted with the Tories and lambasted Labour for the 50 per cent tax rate that comes into force next month, Henry Moore’s only child has already left Brown’s Britain.

Mandrake hears that Mary Moore, who fiercely protects the legacy of this country’s greatest sculptor, now resides in Switzerland for tax reasons. “She had enough,” says a friend of Mary, who inherited an estimated £50 million. “She closed her vintage clothes shop in Notting Hill and now runs her business on the internet.”

Miss Moore, whose late father is currently the subject of a major exhibition at Tate Britain, co-founded the Henry Moore Foundation in 1977 as a way of easing her father’s tax bills of more than £1 million a year under the previous Labour government. In 1993, seven years after Moore’s death, she pursued an unsuccessful court action against the foundation over its plans for expansion of her family home. She also claimed that the copies Moore made of his own work belonged to her.

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