Obese prisoner hides gun in his fat, ugly and stupido man.<br/>

Obese prisoner hides gun in his fat, ugly and stupido man.

An obese jail inmate managed to hide a gun from authorities after he was arrested – because he was so overweight he could conceal it inside his rolls of fat. 500lb George Vera, 25, hid the pistol underneath his rolls of skin, wheer it remained undetected during five seperate searches. The 5ft 10in Vera was arrested by Houston police and taken to the city jail on suspicion of bootlegging CDs.

A spokesman for the Houston Police Department, Kese Smith, confirmed that procedures call for a suspect to be searched upon arrest, twice at the city jail and once more upon his transfer.Vera was then transferred to the county jail, where he was searched at least once more.

It was only when he was in the shower later that day that Vera confessed to a guard that he had weapon on him. Officers subsequently found a 9-millimeter handgun beneath his folds of flab. Vera was then charged with possession of a firearm in a correctional facility.” Sak fra www.metro.co.uk/.

Ja er man stor, fet og stygg så kan man da bruke dette til sin fordel, valker kan som sagt skjule mye. LOL


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